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Maxmind End User License Agreement

The minFraud service requires IP address processing to function properly, but allows you as a customer to choose additional items to share with the minFraud service, if any, to provide more robust risk assessments. Here is a list of additional data items you can provide: dev.maxmind.com/minfraud/#Top-Level_Request_Fields. Some minFraud customers may use an older version of the product, in which case you`ll find the data items here: dev.maxmind.com/minfraud/minfraud-legacy/. Customers who have offline (i.e. non-CAU) contracts can perform a data processing addendum with MaxMind. Please contact legal@maxmind.com with your request. MaxMind`s successful maintenance and operation of services requires storing, storing and using data transmitted to it by customers who use the services. Therefore, and to the extent that all data you transmit to MaxMind may be protected by copyright, moral rights or similar intellectual property laws in a jurisdiction, you herein detract from MaxMind`s all rights, titles and interests of that data and/or the aggregated proceeds of that data. To the extent that you are unable, legally or contractually, to cede the aforementioned property rights, you grant MaxMind a complete, global, permanent and irrevocable license for the use, reproduction, distribution, production of derivative works and any other commercial use of all this data related to MaxMind`s business. Without prejudice to the above, MaxMind must comply with the terms of its own privacy policy in effect at the time of the data transfer to MaxMind. The parties accept and multiply by referring to the applicable maxMind data processing addendum (“Addendum”) to the extent that the parties process personal data (as defined in the additive) in the context of your use of the Services. The addition is available on the site (current URL: www.maxmind.com/data-processing-addendum.pdf).

MaxMind offers several services and products (the “Services”) based on its proprietary GeoIP technology. Before you buy services, please check our refund policy, as some purchases may be final with no refund available. Our refund policy, which we can change regularly, will be included in these terms of use of the site. Any use of the Services after purchase is subject to your agreement and acceptance of the MaxMind GeoIP license agreement. i. making geolocation features available for online applications or platforms, When other users you can access the geolocation feature for their own needs or benefits (z.B. you can use the geolocation feature to customize and target your own ads for your own products and services, surveys and other content, but not use the geolocation feature associated with a service that adapts or targets content on behalf of your customers, users or third parties); (c) destruction of GeoLite2 and GeoLite2 data. From time to time, MaxMind will release an updated version of the GeoLite2 databases and you agree to immediately use the updated version of the GeoLite2 databases. They can stop using and destroying (i) all older versions of the services within 30 days of the release of the updated GeoLite2 databases; and (ii) all services as soon as the licence expires in accordance with this contract.