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Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreements (Epas)

1. European Commission (EC), “Common Fisheries Policy (CFP),” homepage wat we doen “development” boxes” Fisheries Partnership Agreement The current lack of transparency in most fishing activities in ACP countries – flag change, joint ventures, chartering and most fishing agreements – makes it difficult for a coastal ACP country to identify the long-term costs and benefits of these different operations and to design and implement appropriate policies for all foreign-origin fleets. In line with the best practices of some ACP countries, greater attention should be paid to the collection and dissemination of basic information on the operation of all long-range fleets operating in ACP waters. Adopting a “non-given” position in ACP countries could bring immediate benefits in this area. In February 2013, the EU and Côte d`Ivoire agreed on a new five-year protocol on the implementation of the EU-Céte d`Ivoire VPA. The protocol provides fishing opportunities for EU tuna fleets from Spain and France. Sectoral support has been strengthened to take into account the situation of the fisheries administration in Côte d`Ivoire after the civil war and to help it meet its international obligations for port state control. Formal negotiations on a new fishing protocol with Morocco resumed in mid-2012. Negotiations were stalled in December 2011 following the rejection by the European Parliament of a draft protocol on the controversial issue of covering Western Saharan waters (see article on agriculture “Starting negotiations for a new EU-Morocco agreement”, 4 January 2013). After months of negotiations, Spain`s fisheries minister stressed that all technical issues were resolved and that the two sides were close to an agreement.

However, two aspects are yet to come: the so-called political clauses (human rights and international law) and the financial contribution of the EU. Morocco is also reluctant to accept the European Commission`s request for a detailed report on the use of sectoral aid funds under the VPA, as well as the inclusion of a human rights clause. With the introduction of new EU rules, the focus will now be on monitoring their implementation. The first question for ACP governments is to ensure that their sovereign rights in fisheries management decisions are not undermined by the application of new EU rules. Close monitoring of the application of EU non-discrimination clauses is needed. Regional Fisheries Management Organisations (ORPs) Are among the CFP reforms approved by the European Parliament on foreign fisheries policy, including a new chapter on fisheries activities taking place outside the scope of fisheries agreements and regional fisheries organisations (see article “The European Parliament approves the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy” March 25, 2013 and the next section). In October 2004, the EC signed a new six-year fishing protocol on behalf of the European Union and Seychelles on its fisheries agreement from 18 January 2005 to 17 January 2011. In Mauritius, minutes of joint committee meetings and annual evaluations of VPAs have been published. As a result, the Mauritian authorities held a series of meetings with representatives of fishermen`s unions and civil society interests.