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The Canadian Refugee Sponsorship Agreement Holders Association

Canada is the world leader in private sponsorship for refugees. Find out how it works and connect to important resources in Ottawa and beyond. HSAs can, as part of their agreements, cooperate with groups or individuals to help refugees. These groups are called constituent groups (CGs); All people working with SAHs are called co-sponsors. While the first goal of this site is to support private sponsorship in Calgary, sponsors across Canada can still benefit from many tools, models, videos, guides and checklists. This site has been designed flexibly to extend to other cities over time. The photo of Alan`s lifeless body on a beach in Turkey has sparked massive public interest in supporting Syrians. Since the fall of 2015, the national community of private sponsors has grown exponentially and now has tens of thousands of coastal coasts. As a result of their efforts, more than 13,000 Syrian refugees arrived in Canada through private sponsorships between November 2015 and January 2017, as well as several thousand other privately sponsored refugees from other countries who arrived during the same period. HSAs may allow other community groups to assist refugees as part of their agreements. These groups are called Constituent Groups (CGs).

Your constituent group may be made up of friends, relatives, community members – people who bring you together and who work for the role of a private sponsor. They can then approach an SAH and work under their roof. You can also work with other community groups to help refugees as part of your agreement. You remain responsible for emotional and financial assistance to refugees. These groups are called “constituent groups.” A group of 5 (G5) permanent residents or citizens can unite to help one or more refugees. At least three of the five must participate financially. Since 2012, the G5 has only been allowed to support refugees who have been individually considered refugees by UNHCR or a government (except for Syrians and Iraqis). Another important point is that only refugees with a valid refugee status document (RSD) can be sponsored by a G5. Refugees who do not have an RSD may be sponsored by an HSA. For more information on RSDs, how they look and how you know if a refugee has one, please contact the Refugee Sponsorship Training Program directly. Are you outside of Canada and want to learn more about the private sponsorship model? The Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative shares Canada`s history, experience and leadership in private sponsorship and helps governments and civil society in other countries develop new sponsorship programs that meet their unique context and needs.

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